Recep İvedik - Togan Gökbakar

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Recep İvedik - Togan Gökbakar
Togan Gökbakar - Recep İvedik  artwork

Recep İvedik

Togan Gökbakar

Genre: Comedy

Price: $9.99

Rental Price: $3.99

Release Date: March 13, 2008

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The movie starts with finding a wallet. Recep discovers the owner of it on TV. He is a stinking rich travel organizer and hotelier. Recep decides to return the wallet. With his old car he hits the road from Istanbul to Antalya. On his travel he meets girls with breakdowns, crazy truckers, rockers and teenagers. At the end of the journey Recep has to hitch. After he arrived in Antalya he goes to the hotel of the travel organizer. In return, Recep can stay in the hotel for an unlimited time. First, he refuses it, but when he meets the love of his youth, Sibel, he decides to stay. Now Recep’s adventure really starts because Sibel does not recognise him. He tries everything to make Sibel remembering him and to plus points. Besides, Recep is in a luxurious hotel for the first time and causes for a lot of stir...